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StanzaClick™ will be an innovative real estate portal where users can meet their housing needs by renting a room in shared properties on a long-term basis. Particularly appreciated by students, these housing solutions have always been the prerogative of real estate agencies, with the related costs and times; however, with the launch of StanzaClick™, it will be possible for users to rent rooms directly online and with a few clicks, using our web-app. These will be long-term leases, and not short leases, and it will be possible to conclude the lease directly remotely, without the need for a face-to-face meeting. StanzaClick™ will take care of the registration of the contract (unless otherwise agreed with the landlord, who can be contacted through the internal chat), and in the event of any problem, in regards to either the landlord or the tenant (non-payment, damage to the property, incorrect and/or dangerous behaviour, etc.) an immediate dispute resolution service through arbitration will be available to the parties.

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